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Forensic Science

Forensic Science - Minor

The purpose of the Forensic Science minor is to introduce students to forensic investigation and analysis as well as to provide useful knowledge and skills for entry-level careers upon graduation

Curriculum (18 hours)

Required (6 hours):

FORS 2310

Introduction to Forensic Science

FORS 5389

Practicum in Forensic Science

One course from each area:

Forensic Anthropology

FORS 3310

Forensic Anthropology

FORS 3320


Computer Forensics

FORS 3342

Computer Forensics and Investigations

Crime Forensics

FORS 3319

Geographic Information Systems

FORS 3356

Criminal Investigation

Forensic Psychology

FORS 2331

Abnormal Psychology

FORS 3350

Forensic Psychology