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Women's Studies

WMST 2190-2690 - Selected Issues in Women's Studies (1-6 credits)

Introduction to specialized topics. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

WMST 2300 - Introduction Women's Studies (3 credits)

Interdisciplinary course introducing students to basic issues in the field of women's studies including current debates in feminist theory. Prerequisites: ENGL 1313, ENGL 1314.

WMST 2360 - History of Women in Art (3 credits)

Same as ARTS 2360.

WMST 3314 - Gender Issues in Leadership (3 credits)

Same as LEAD 3314.

WMST 3360 - U.S. History Through Women's Eyes (3 credits)

Same as HIST 3360.

WMST 3375 - Gender Issues in Literature and Language (3 credits)

Same as ENGL 3375.

WMST 3382 - Women and Religion (3 credits)

Same as RLST 3382.

WMST 3383 - Leadership, Women and Spirituality (3 credits)

Same as LEAD 3383, SOWK 3383, RLST 3383.

WMST 4190-4690 - Special Topics in Women's Studies (1-6 credits)

In-depth study of specialized topics chosen by instructor. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

WMST 4315 - Class Race and Gender (3 credits)

Same as SOCI 4315.

WMST 4316 - Services to Women and Children Exposed To Violence (3 credits)

Same as PSYC 5316, SOCI 5316, SOWK 5316.

WMST 4395 - Culminating Theories of Women's Studies (3 credits)

Capstone course which examines contemporary applications of gender and analyzes how gender functions within a student's own primary discipline and involves an integrative final project (practical or theoretical). Prerequisite: 12 hours in WMST.