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NURS 3300 - Introduction to Professional Nursing (3 credits)

Introduces standards and concepts of professional nursing education. The framework is based on the National League for Nursing core values and accreditation: learning, community, responsibility, integrity, value, quality, and continuous improvement through reflection and analysis.

NURS 3310 - Health Assessment (3 credits)

Introduces the student to health assessment focusing on skills and techniques necessary for promoting, maintaining or restoring health. Emphasizes findings across the life span and highlights common variation in health status among diverse populations. Introduced to functional physiological and psychosocial assessment and their impact on patient health. Patient environment and lifestyle are examined as they impact health status.

NURS 3320 - Nursing Informatics (3 credits)

Designed to introduce the student to the present and potential impact of information technology on nursing systems and other health care systems. Emphasis on information technology in supporting the roles of caregiver, administrative/financial manager, patient educator, research carried out by the practicing nurse in a variety of health care settings. The course provides both the knowledge base and the skills necessary to utilize current information technology

NURS 4310 - Community and Public Health Nursing (3 credits)

Prepares the student for promotion of community and public health through primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Focus on individual and specific populations is explores, with a focus on diverse and Hispanic populations. The student is introduced to principles of nursing and public health used to promote and preserve the health of populations.

NURS 4380 - Current Nursing Issues and Trends (3 credits)

Opportunity for an in-depth exploration of selected current issues or concepts affecting nurses, nursing and/or health care. Students will analyze selected concepts of issues from historical, economic and/or social perspectives, focusing on relevant local or national levels. Because of the dynamic nature of nursing and health care, the specific concepts and issues explores will vary.

NURS 4390- Community and Public Health Nursing Clinical (3 credits)

Community and pubic health nursing clinical practice experiences are directed toward wellness and health alterations with a primary focus on health promotion and maintenance. Emphasis is on individuals, families and community groups from culturally diverse populations, particularly Hispanic populations.

NURS 4392 - Evidence-Based Nursing Research (3 credits)

Emphasizes the role of the nurse as a consumer of research and provider of evidence-based practice. Introduces the research process and method of critiquing research literature, theoretical framework of a research study, quantitative and qualitative methodology to accomplish goals and dissemination of research findings. A major theme is the utilization of research findings in incorporating evidence-based practice in health care settings.

NURS 4395 - Advanced Practice Nursing Practicum (3 credits)

Capstone course is designed to bridge the gap between technical and professional nursing practice. Highly individualized course format allows students to define and develop a specific skill set to assist in the fulfillment of their professional goals. Includes a didactic seminar corresponding field experience designed to develop and fulfill objectives corresponding with professional goals. Course emphasis on facilitating role change and individual growth in advanced practice.