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Healthcare Administration

HCAD 3300 - Community and Public Health (3 credits)

Introduces the student to the complexity of community health practice, including ambulatory care, and public health essentials for program development (as incidence and prevalence of disease, morbidity and mortality rates, and contributors to disease such as environmental and disparities).

HCAD 3304 - Health Information Systems (3 credits)

Discusses the different types of health information systems and their relevance to health services deliver, such as electronic medical record (EMD) systems, health demographics and medication inventory and administration systems.

HCAD 3320 - Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Care Delivery (3 credits)

Administrative and health care professional challenges facing health care delivery are discussed in relation to legal, risk management, and ethical administrative practices.

HCAD 3328 - Organization and Management (3 credits)

Presents various types of organizational and management systems found in health care practice including ambulatory care, physician practice, profit versus nonprofit, long term care and specialty services such as hospice home health and procedural surgical facilities.

HCAD 3340 - Health Care Planning and Marketing (3 credits)

Introduces the student to the essentials of health planning for effective, efficient, economical and satisfying program development and health services delivery. Emphasized marketing as a key component for a successful planning cycle.

HCAD 3352 - Managed Care & Health Services Delivery (3 credits)

Analyzes the purpose of managed care as a quality and operational method for purposeful health services delivery. The various types of managed care are presented as applied to different health care systems.

HCAD 3355 - Health Care Policy (3 credits)

Analyze the health policy cycle for effective decision making and purposeful health care program development

HCAD 3366 - Health Care Overview (3 credits)

Presents a history of health care administration over the past fifty years and how the Health Reform Bill will affect health care in the future. Focus is also placed on the Center for Medicaid and Medicare, Food and Drug Administration, Institute of Medicine,NIH and certain regulatory agencies.

HCAD 3370 - Human Resources Management in Health Organizations (3 credits)

Human Resources and its application to health care organizational staff recruitment and retention is the focus of this course. The management of health care employees is also presented from a human generational, cultural and special characteristics perspective.

HCAD 4313 - Epiemiology (3 credits)

Study of factors affecting the health and illness of populations, and how epidemiology serves as the foundation and logic of interventions made in the interest of public health and preventive medicine is discussed. Epidemiology as a cornerstone methodology of public health research and its relevance to evidence-based medicine and preventive health is also presented.

HCAD 4361 - Health Care Finance (3 credits)

Financial management of health care organizations including topics on pricing, reimbursement strategies, managed care contracting, cost control, capital budgeting, cost-benefit analysis and financial ratios.

HCAD 4391 - Health Care Practicum (3 credits)

Students are assigned to local health care facilities to place into practice the knowledge gained and further obtain practical administrative insight.