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Forensic Science

FORS 2310 - Introduction to Forensic Science (3 credits)

Focus on basic principles and uses of forensic science in the American system of justice in the study and application of science to the processes of law, including collection, examination, evaluation, and interpretation of evidence. Review of basic applications of the biological, physical, chemical, medical and behavioral sciences to questions of evidence and law. Emphasis on basic understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the forensic sciences as they are presently practiced. Prerequisite: CRIJ 1301.

FORS 2331 - Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)

Same as PSYC 2331.

FORS 3310 - Forensic Anthropology (3 credits)

Introduction to the application of the science of physical/biological anthropology to the legal process. Focus on the various aspects of forensic anthropology, such as determination of age of death, sex, ancestry, statue, physical trauma, and other unique features of the decedent from the skeletal remains. Emphasis on field recovery techniques from a bioarchaeological perspective, management to the death scene, chain of evidence, and proper storage and handling of human skeletal remains. Same as ANTH 3310, CRIJ 3310. Offered: Fall.

FORS 3319 - Geographic Information Systems (3 credits)

Introduction to the use of geographic information systems for mapping social space. Topics include the social production of space, spatial dimensions of social inequality, the social contest of crime, human ecology, comparisons of urban and rural social space and implications of spatial configurations of social phenomena for program development, implementation and evaluation. Same as SOCI 3319.

FORS 3320 - Bioarcheology (3 credits)

Same as ANTH 3320.

FORS 3342 - Computer Forensics and Investigation (3 credits)

Overview of methods and tools utilized for collecting and preserving electronic digital evidence for the computer forensic process. Topics include the forensic examination, analysis, and report writing; and preparing for courtroom testimony about the forensic results. Course includes significant hands-on-exercises, case studies, and culminates with a mock trial exercise in which each student will present testimony as an expert witness. Same as CISS 3342. Prerequisite: CISS 1310. Fee: $15.

FORS 3350 - Forensic Psychology (3 credits)

Survey of topics in the field of forensic psychology including the history, application, research, and psychological principles found in contemporary legal environments. Same as PSYC 3350. Prerequisite: PSYC 1305. Offered: Fall.

FORS 3356 - Criminal Investigation (3 credits)

Overview of scientific crime detection and techniques for case management and documentation, the concept of proof, the impact of technology on the investigative process, interaction with victims and witnesses, and interviewing suspects. Same as CRIJ 3356. Prerequisite: CRIJ 1301. Offered: Spring.

FORS 5389 - Practicum in Forensic Science (3 credits)

Experiential learning opportunity in which the knowledge and skills of forensic science are applied in practice while working under supervision in a public or private sector setting. May be repeated once for credit. Pass-fail. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Fee: $10. Offered: Fall, Spring.