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Communication Disorders

CDIS 2400 - Introduction Communication Disorders (4 credits)

Overview of the field of communication disorders and the role of the speech language pathologist. Includes lab designed to provide supervised observation of clinical assessment and management of individuals with communication disorders. Grade basis only. Fee: $35. Offered: Fall.

CDIS 3311 - Normal Language Development (3 credits)

Symbolic systems used by humans to communicate; role of learning in perception, comprehension and expression of linguistic codes; sequential development of normal language skills. Same as SPCH 3311. Offered: Spring.

CDIS 3320 - Language Science for Communication Disorders (3 credits)

A technical study of the form, content and use of the English language. Other languages included for the purpose of examining linguistic contrasts. Designed to prepare CDIS students for advanced studies in the major. Implication for clinical applications and research will be introduced.

CDIS 3343 - Articulation and Phonological Disorders (3 credits)

Current theory and research on phonological and articulation development and disorders. Comparison of various procedures of data sampling and analysis, with a focus on intervention techniques. Prerequisite: CDIS 3412 with a grade of C or better. Fee: $35. Offered: Spring.

CDIS 3362 - Introduction to Audiology (3 credits)

Nature of hearing and sound; anatomy and physiology of the auditory system; procedures and practice in diagnosis of hearing disorders; introduction to rehabilitative aspects of audiology. Prerequisite: Advanced standing. Offered: Fall.

CDIS 3412 - Introduction to Phonetics and Phonemics (4 credits)

Introduction to phonetic/phonemic theory; application of phonetics (transcription) to normal, deviant and multilingual speech. Includes lab for development of advanced transcription skills. Same as SPCH 2411. Offered: Fall.

CDIS 4315 - Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Speech and Language (3 credits)

Study of neuroanatomical and neurophysiological mechanisms related to speech and language. Structure and function of the human nervous systems and neurodiagnostic procedure will be examined. Prerequisite: CDIS 4411 or equivalent; BIOL 1422. Offered: Fall.

CDIS 4340 - Aural Rehabilitation (3 credits)

Overview of aural rehabilitation: fundamental aspects and basic information on amplification, comprehensive approaches to aural rehabilitation for children and adults. Prerequisite: CDIS 3362 with grade of C or better. Offered: Spring.

CDIS 4341 - Diagnostic Procedures in Communication Disorders (3 credits)

Measurement and evaluation in the diagnosis of speech and language delays and deviancies; case histories and report writing; observation hours required.This course can only be taken during the senior year. Student cannot receive credit for both CDIS 4341 and SPED 4341. Prerequisites: CDIS 3343, CDIS 4351 with a grade of C or better. Fee: $50. Offered: Fall, Spring.

CDIS 4351 - Language Disorders in Children (3 credits)

A study of symptomatology and current treatments of language delay and disordered language in children. Prerequisites: CDIS 3311 with a grade of C or better. Offered: Fall.

CDIS 4355 - Behavior Management (3 credits)

Same as SPED 4351.

CDIS 4383 - General Linguistic Theory (3 credits)

Same as ENGL 5383 and EDUC 4341.

CDIS 4411 - Anatomy and Physiology of Speech (4 credits)

Study of neuroanatomical, structural and physiological aspects of speech production with emphasis on respiration, phonation and articulation. Includes scheduled, instructor-supervised lab for studying programmed texts and models of structures. Fee: $50. Offered: Spring.

CDIS 5151-5451 Selected Topics in Communication Disorders (1-4 credits)

In-depth study of specialized topic chosen by instructor. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Grade basis only. Prerequisite: Consent of instructors; independently arranged.

CDIS 5161 - Clinical Conference in Communication Disorders (1 credit)

Professionalism, legal and ethical issues; ASHA standards; clinical procedures at the Harry Jersig Center. Prerequisite: Admission to practicum. Fee: $15.

CDIS 5162-5662 Clinical Practicum: Speech-Language and Audiology (1-6 credits)

Under direct supervision of faculty with ASHA CCC/SP or CCC/A, clinical practicum in remediation or management of communication disorders of language, speech and/or hearing. Students must enroll in this course whenever engaged in practicum under direct supervision of CDIS faculty and must obtain 15 clinical hours per credit hour. May be repeated for credit. Pass-Fail. Prerequisites: Overall and CDIS GPA of 3.0 or better and students will be assigned practicum only after they have had or are enrolled in course work that qualifies them for such experience. Fee $15. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

CDIS 5341 - American Sign Language (3 credits)

Same as SPED 5341.

CDIS 5360 - Speech and Hearing Science (3 credits)

Physical properties of sound, sound measurement, basic auditory function, acoustical and physiological phonetics and the perception of speech. Prerequisite: CDIS 3343, CDIS 3362 CDIS 4315 and CDIS 4411. Offered: Spring.