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Communication Arts (Mass Communication)

COMM 2190-2690 - Selected Issues in Mass Communication (1-6 credits)

Introduction to specialized topic(s) chosen by instructor. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

COMM 2301 - Introduction to Mass Media (3 credits)

History and process of mass communication; types of print and non-print media (including newspapers, magazines, books, cinema, radio, television); impact and control; media support systems (including advertising, public relations, news industry, music industry, auxiliary services); technological advances and future prospects. (TCCN: COMM 1307) Prerequisite: ENGL 1313 or consent of instructor. Fee: $5. Offered: Fall.

COMM 2320 - Digital News Production (3 credits)

Basics of studio and field production; emphasis on equipment usage, lighting, sound and editing. Three class hours and three studio hours per week. Prerequisite: COMM 2330 or consent of instructor. Fee: $30.

COMM 2330 - Newsgathering (3 credits)

Basic principles of journalism with an emphasis on the fundamentals of newsgathering across all media platforms. Same as ENGL 2317. Prerequisites: ENGL 1313 or consent of instructor.

COMM 2340 - Media Law and Ethic (3 credits)

Study of U.S. law as it applies to specific issues in mass media. Examination of ethical standards and issues in mass media. Prerequisites: ENGL 1313 or consent of instructor.

COMM 2351 - Photography I (3 credits)

Same as ARTS 2350.

COMM 3293 - Media Practicum (2 credits)

Practical, hands-on experience in a mass communication field on campus in a supervised and educational setting. Students are required to complete at least one practicum as part of their degree requirements. Prerequisite: 6 hours in advanced COMM courses.

COMM 3313 - Journalism History (3 credits)

Survey course on the development of print journalism in America with emphasis on the evolution of United States newspapers. Course covers the major eras and figures in United States journalism history.

COMM 3321 - Media Writing (3 credits)

News writing for print, broadcast and online. Emphasis on using newsgathering skills and individual media writing formats. Same as ENGL 3318. Prerequisite: COMM 2330 or consent of the instructor.

COMM 3330 - Advanced Newsgathering (3 credits)

Continuation of basic newsgathering techniques and skills used in COMM 2330, emphasis on in-depth story formats. Prerequisite: COMM 2330.

COMM 3337 - Promotion (3 credits)

Same as MKTG 3355.

COMM 3338 - Marketing for the Media (3 credits)

Study of the techniques and evolution of media campaign planning and the use of various media vehicles for promotion and marketing.

COMM 3341 - Graphics (3 credits)

Same as ARTS 3341.

COMM 3360 - Public Relations (3 credits)

Introduction to the practice of public relations in the U.S., with discussion of its major theories and related ethical principles. Includes impact of new technologies and social media. Same as MKTG 3360. Prerequisite: COMM 2330 or consent of instructor.

COMM 3370 - Print Editing (3 credits)

Study of editing skills with emphasis on AP style and grammar and structural problems associated with writing for traditional media (print news, public relations, magazines) and new media. Prerequisite: COMM 2330 or consent of instructor. Fee: $15. Offered: Spring of odd-numbered years.

COMM 3371 - Media Publications Design (3 credits)

Course traces the development of print design with an emphasis on newspaper and magazine layout. Students will use industry-standard software to practice and create print products. Fee: $30. Offered: Spring of-odd-numbered years.

COMM 3372 - Online Journalism (3 credits)

Students will learn the basic principles and practices for producing news content for the web. Additionally, students will create content for an active, online site.

COMM 4170-4370 - Special Topics in Communication Arts (1-3 credits)

In-depth study of specialized topic chosen by instructor. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

COMM 4302 - Event Planning and Management (3 credits)

Techniques for strategic planning, development, management, and evaluation of public relations events; principles and theories of written, spoken, and visual tactics as applied to behavioral and attitudinal public relations objectives. Prerequisites: COMM 3360 or consent of instructor.

COMM 4330 - Public Affairs Reporting (3 credits)

Techniques for researching public records and reporting on the government and other institutions from a beat-reporting approach. Will introduce students to the concept of CAR (computer-assisted reporting), touching on using databases and the Internet for research. Prerequisite: COMM 2330 or consent of instructor.

COMM 4332 - Public Relations Writing (3 credits)

Basic public relations writing and writing for other media such as newsletters and speeches. Students will learn the fundamentals of campaign and event management and how new technologies are impacting public relations. Prerequisite: COMM 2330 or consent of instructor Offered: Spring.

COMM 4335 - Advanced Digital Editing (3 credits)

Producing news content for television and the web. Emphasis on story development and editing. Prerequisite: COMM 2320 or consent of instructor.

COMM 4341 - Desktop Publishing (3 credits)

Custom design and layout of brochures and publications. Students are required to design and produce newsletter or publication of their choice. Same as ARTS 4341, CISS 4341. Does not fulfill nonliterary art requirement.

COMM 4353 - Television Newscast Production (3 credits)

Advanced workshop in the writing and producing of TV news programs. Includes story selection and development, field production, anchoring, reporting, operation of studio and control room equipment, writing, copy editing, directing. Prerequisite: COMM 2320. Fee: $30. Offered: Fall of even-numbered years.

COMM 4355 - Advanced Online Journalism (3 credits)

Production of news content for the Web using multimedia tools to do print, visual and audio storytelling. Prerequisite: COMM 3372 or consent of instructor.

COMM 4360 - Communication Theory and Research (3 credits)

Examination of theories and research methods related to the communication process and to mass communication.

COMM 4371 - Mass Media and Society (3 credits)

Theoretical examination of the impact, effects and repercussions of mass media on society. Topics may include Media Violence and Effects, Women and the Media, Minorities and Media, Censorship and Media. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

COMM 4374 - Student Media Practicum (3 credits)

Practical application of skills learned in Mass Communication courses in on-campus, media-related environments. Prerequisite: COMM 2330 or consent of instructor. Offered: Fall, Spring.

COMM 4390, 4690 - Communication Internship (3 or 6 credits)

Supervised professional field experience in a media environment. Prerequisite: 6 advanced hours in COMM courses. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.