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ANTH 2351 - Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)

Cross-cultural overview of the ways human societies organize themselves. Socialization, kinship, gender and family relations, community structures and general lifestyle are compared. Examination of diverse societies to clarify commonalities and dissimilarities of human experience. (TCCN)

ANTH 2352 - Introduction to Archaeology (3 credits)

This course examines the history, methods, and theory within modern archaeology, including data collection, analysis, dating techniques, and interpretation. Topics include stone tools, sites, and excavation. Offered: Spring.

ANTH 2353 - Human Origins and Prehistory (3 credits)

Scientific research findings are used to trace the emergence of the human species. Importance of the distinctive biological makeup of humans and their early cultural creations. Details the human inclination to engage in the construction of culture.

ANTH 3190-3390 - Selected Topics (1-3 credits)

Introduction to specialized topic or topics chosen by instructor. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

ANTH 3310 - Forensic Anthropology (3 credits)

Same as FORS 3310, CRIJ 3310.

ANTH 3318 - Archaeology of Mexico (3 credits)

Archaeological and ethnohistoric survey of the civilizations of ancient Mexico from prehistory to the period of European conquest. Same as MAST 3318. Offered: Spring.

ANTH 3320 - Bioarcheology (3 credits)

Sames as FORS 3320.

ANTH 3330 - Magic Ritual and the Occult (3 credits)

An examination of magic and ritual in cultures of the world. The study of private and public rituals which relate society to the supernatural; magical beliefs and practices; symbols and witchcraft. Offered: Fall.

ANTH 4310 - Human Osteology (3 credits)

An in-depth study of the human skeleton. Topics include developmental biology, morphology, and skeletal identification. Determination of sex, age, and ethnicity will be covered. Offered: Fall.

ANTH 5190-5390 Selected Topics (1-3 credits)

In-depth study of specialized topic chosen by instructor. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.